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Singing Bird

Added: April 03 2006       Rating: 3.00     Rate It     Hits: 

A guy walked into a pet store looking for a Christmas gift for his wife. The storekeeper said he knew exactly what would please her and took a little bird out of its cage. 

"This is Chet," he said, "and Chet can sing Christmas carols and songs." Seeing the look of disbelief on the customer's face, he proceeded to demonstrate. 

"He needs warming up," he said. "Lend me your cigarette lighter." 
The storekeeper lifted Chet's left wing and waved the flame lightly under it. Immediately, Chet sang: Oh Come, All Ye Faithful. 

"That's fantastic," said the customer. 

"And listen to this," said the storekeeper, warming Chet's other wing. 
Chet sang: O Little Town of Bethlehem. 

"Wrap him up," said the customer, "I'll take him!" 

When he got home he greeted his wife: "Honey, I can't wait until Christmas to show you what I got you. This is fantastic." 

He unwrapped Chet's cage and showed the bird to his wife. "Now, watch and listen." 

He raised Chet's left wing and held him over a Christmas candle that was burning on the mantelpiece. Chet immediately began to sing Silent Night. The wife was delighted. As Chet's right wing was warmed over the flame, he sang Joy To The World. 

"Let me try it," said the wife, seizing he bird. In her eagerness, she held Chet a little too close to the candle flame. Chet began to sing passionately: 

"Chet's nuts roasting on an open fire!"


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