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Added: November 17 2005       Rating: 3.00     Rate It     Hits: 

This guy walks into a pub with a gremlin sitting on his shoulder. He sits at the bar and orders a pint and a half of lager. 

The gremlin downs his half-pint, runs long the bar, dips his head in a blokes beer and goes, "Brrr!". 

The guy orders another pint and a half. The gremlin repeats the performance. The bloke grabs the gremlin by the neck, shakes him up a bit, and says, "Listen, if you ever do that again I'll cut yer balls off!" 

The gremlin says, "Ain't got none!" "Well, I'll cut off yer prick!" "Ain't got one of them, neither." says the gremlin. 

"Well, how do ya pee?" 

The gremlin smiled and said, "Brrr!"


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