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All Male Jury

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A lawyer addresses an all male jury: "Gentlemen, shall we cast this beautiful, lonely young lady into a dim cell in a prison, or shall we return her to her Oceanside beach condo, Ocean City, telephone Number 555-4531?" 
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An attorney passed on and found

An attorney passed on and found himself in Heaven. Not at all happy with his accommodations, he complained to St. Peter, who told him that his only recourse was to appeal his assignment. 

The attorney immediately advised St. Peter that he intended to appeal. The attorney was immediately informed that it would be at least three years before his appeal could be heard. The attorney protested that a three-year wait was unconscionable, however his words fell on deaf ears. The lawyer was then approached by Satan, who told him that he would be able to arrange his appeal to be heard in just a few days, but only if the attorney stipulated to change the venue to Hell. 

When the attorney inquired as to why appeals could be heard so much faster in Hell, Satan gleefully exclaimed, ''Who do you think has all of the judges!''


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