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Deep Mines

Added: Mon March 20 2006       Rating: 4.00     Rate It     Hits: 

John and Jack decide to apply for jobs at a mine that had opened nearby. After sitting in the waiting room for a while, Jack gets called in for his interview.

The boss asks Jack if he had worked underground mines before? Jack says that he had.

The boss asks him how deep under ground he worked?

Jack says, "Oh, about 8 to 10 feet."

The boss says, "Mines are a lot deeper than that, get out of here - you're no miner!"

On his way out, Jack tells John to tell the boss that he worked real deep underground so he could get the job. John gets called in. 

The boss asks John if he had worked underground mines before?

John says, "Oh sure."

The boss asks how deep underground he worked.

John says, "I used to work in a mine 20,000 feet underground."

The boss says, "20,000 feet, Wow! That is incredible!, "What kind of lights did you use in a mine so deep underground?"

John says, "Oh, I didn't need a light, I worked on the day shift!"


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